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Discovering Kennedy Falls
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.10 - 12:42:11
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Howe Sound Group
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 400m
Participants: Klaus haring
Difficulty: 1: Only a few rough trail sections
Two hikes on the westside of Lynn valley. I heard about Kennedy Falls on the 1st trip and visited the falls on the 2nd. Waypoints are for the first, for the falls trail click "view in gmap".
When I studied the mountain bike trail network on the slopes of Mt.Fromme on osm map for my hike to Climbing Mount Fromme South Spur I saw some trails go down into the Lynn valley to the Cedar Tree Trail. I knew this trail as the Big or Giant cedar trail. The name Cedar Tree Trail is rather redundant and unspecific. Everybody knows cedars are trees and there are many in the forest but only one really old huge one.

Part 1 Finding out about Kennedy Falls (The waypoints are for this trip)

I had visited the giant cedar quite a few times, mostly directly from the Lynn valley trail crossing Lynn Creek, but not for many years. So when I wanted to make a moderate hike without getting into snow I decided to approach it via the slopes of Fromme. This time I parked further east along Braemar Road and hiked the For the kids Trail to Dempsey and Espresso Trail. It was a Saturday so it was busier then the last time. When I neared the Grouse Mountain Hiway (GMH) I saw a large group of mountain bikers and the flashing red lights of an emergency vehicle, just leaving. I sat down beside an older cyclist and asked whether he knew what had happened. A hiker with a sprained ankle had been evacuated. The other bikers were mostly a group of young women preparing to descend the Espresso Trail. We talked some more and I told him that wanted to visit the big cedar and then wade across Lynn Creek to the easy Lynn valley trail. He warned me that this usually is not possible at this time, but I was not worried. I had hiked to Lynn Peak 2 days earlier and seen that the water flowing over the weir at the trailhead was almost as low as later in summer. He then told me that the Cedar Tree Trail continues to Kennedy Falls, of which I had never heard before.

I then hiked down the...

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