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Lilah v. Bear: Dayhike to Mount Dickerman
Timestamp Free: 2020.03.28 - 09:04:37
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Cascade Range / Washington Cascades
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1165m
Participants: Lucas Earl, Kenny McDermith, Lilah (the dog)
Difficulty: 1: Trail hike
Ascended trail to summit of Mount Dickerman
Weather: Sunny and pleasant, some clouds to the north

After a rather cool trip to Lake Ingalls the previous holiday weekend, Kenny and I were hoping for better weather the following week and when the forecast called for sunny weather in the 70s we figured we had the opportunity for a pleasant fall outing. This time around we selected a westside destination, Mount Dickerman.

Mount Dickerman is one of the many summits located along the Mountain Loop Highway, a portion of the Western Cascades north of the famous Alpine Lakes region but south of the North Cascades. A defining feature is its location along the eastern edge of the Puget Sound Convergence Zone, meaning the area receives a similar amount of rain as the western slopes of the Olympics. In short: a great spot to go only when the forecast calls for sun! (A good description of the PSCZ can be found here for Bivouac Weather enthusiasts).

The other advantage of spots along the Mountain Loop Highway is that they're only an hour and a half from Seattle. As is tradition, we got a rather late start and were not to the trailhead until just before Noon. The trailhead for Mount Dickerman has recently been rebuilt to serve both this hike and one up Perry Creek to the Mount Forgotten Meadows, so there was still some spots left at out late departure hour.

[photo]01_parking_lot.jpg[caption]Parking lot as viewed from the side leading to Mount Dickerman. Taken when we got back to the bottom. The other end of the lot is the start of the Perry Creek Trail.[/photo]

It seems there is a fair amount of disagreement regarding the actual name of this mountain, be it Mount Dickerman or Dickerman...

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