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Freemont Peak and the California Flowers
Timestamp Free: 2020.02.22 - 20:14:31
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range
  (1 days)
Participants: Betsy Waddington, Robin Tivy
Difficulty: 2: Easy walk, scramble up peak. No exposure.
[photo]20190326_162849.jpg[caption]Freemont Peak[/photo]

[photo]20190326_185032.jpg[caption]Camp below Freemont Peak[/photo]

[photo]20190327_094406.jpg[caption]Wildflowers near Freemont Peak[/photo] After 5 days climbing around Death Valley, California, we drove southeast on the Badwater road, bagged the lowest point in North America, then continued south out of Death valley and then highway 178 and to a really nice campground in Shoshone, California.

Next morning our plan was to head south on 127 to Baker California, then southwest on Interstate 15 through Barstow. This trip was largely in the desert. We needed groceries, and there were no grocery stores until Barstow. So I searched the paper map of California for peaks that could be climbed in a day from the road. Since we had a wi-fi connection at the campground, I could then look up various trip reports regarding the peak names on the map. From this process we found Freemont Peak, to which you could drive so close it would only be a couple of hours.

From Barstow we could get there by driving west on Highway 58 then north on 395 and then finally approaching the peak from the west via a sand track called Freemont Peak Road. The peak was visible from Highway 395, standing all alone in the desert. The Freemont Peak road was smooth and sandy track, and our heavily loaded car purred along at about 30 km/hour all the way down the dead straight road toward the peak. The peak is only 12 km from the highway, with the sand road taking us to within 2 km of the peak. As we purred across the desert, we saw a great profusion of desert flowers, part of the "super bloom" everybody was raving about. There was not a single person anywhere. We soon realized we could camp anywhere we wanted. All the land in this part of...

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