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Fat Dog to Burnt Knoll
Timestamp Free: 2020.03.31 - 07:19:20
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Cascade Range / Canadian Cascades
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 570m
Participants: Martin, Asia Easy road skiing and a few good turns off the top.
Ski up Fat Dog trail to the pass at 1790m where Fat Dog trail heads to the north, and head south up Burnt Knoll.
On Saturday we decided to check out the Fat Dog trail as neither of us had been there before and it's always a treat to head to Manning Park. The weather report looked decent, although the better weather was forecast for Sunday. Traffic was light on the highway from North Vancouver, compared to summer. We did our customary stop at Chilliwack Safeway for breakfast bagels. The driving was pretty good after Hope, with mostly clear roads. The car got covered in salt and dirt and it's a good thing I refilled the windshield washer fluid before the trip. We arrived in the parking lot shortly after 9am, and found that it was filled with a large winter camping convention of some sort, I think it was boy scouts. There were all sorts of tents and trailers set up, some with fireplaces inside. There was a barricade to the parking lot but a person came over and after explaining to him that we wanted to go up the Fat Dog trail he directed us to park over on the left near the outhouse, and had us put a note on the dash of our expected return time, just incase something happened. [photo]IMG_6428.JPG[caption]Crisp and clear morning at the parking lot[/photo] We parked and got ready under bright sunshine with not a cloud in the sky, things were looking promising. A group of snowshoers headed up the trail just before us, but we did not see them for the rest of the day. Either they were pretty speedy or we were slow. The lower part of the trail was flat, and cold since it was in the shade. There was a good broken trail made by the snowshoers. Further up the valley we did get some sun, but the clouds were moving in. [photo]DSC02839.JPG[caption]Finally getting into the sun[/photo] As we got close to the ridge where Fat Dog trail turns right, we turned left and broke trail up to Burnt Knoll...

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