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Itcha Ilgatchuz Provincial Park
Timestamp Free: 2020.02.22 - 22:10:06
Ranges: Ilgachuz Range
  (6 days)
Participants: Roger Griffiths, Ed Hollington, Geoff Relph, Neil Worboys, Mark Leffler
Difficulty: 3: Medium difficulty due to bush rock
A six day hiking trip from a base camp
Saturday July 17th To get to Itcha Ilgatchuz Provincial Park we decided to take the BC ferry from Port Hardy to Bella Coola. This is a very nice trip on a really nice ferry.

DAY 1, Friday July 18th An early morning start as we had to drive from Bella Coola, where we had spent the night, to get to Anahim Lake by 8 am for our helicopter ride into the park. Our destination was Tundra Lake [photo]file006513.jpg[caption]Tundra Lake[/photo] where we would set up camp & spend five days hiking in the area. We had been told a herd of Caribou frequented the park although our sightings were few.

DAY 2, Saturday July 19th A rather wet & blustery day limited our first hike to only about 8 km although we did spot a small herd of mountain goats on a steep hillside. [photo]file006515800x450.jpg[caption]A rainbow & afew goats brightened the day[/photo] [photo]file012387800x450.jpg[caption]Mountain goats[/photo]

DAY 3, Sunday July 20th Although a day of mixed weather we headed out to climb Tundra Mountain. Our route took us initially north as we contoured around a spur then east across the valley to pick up the long ridge of Tundra. Ridge is really a misnomer as towards Tundra Lake it drops off steeply [photo]file006518800x450.jpg[caption]cross valley to Tundra[/photo]but is a gentle slope northward from the summit. It looks very much like a old lava flow from a vent. [photo]file006523800x450.jpg[caption]Just below the summit of Tndra Mountain[/photo]We continued to traverse the peak & descended the south side of the mountain on loose volcanic rock. From the low point at the head of the we cut across on a WNW direction back to camp.
  DAY 4, Monday July 21st A shorter hike to the summit of Far Mountain. The route was south from camp & a steady climb enabled us to gain...

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