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Rainbow Mountain via Hanging Lake in Frightful cold
Timestamp Free: 2019.05.23 - 01:29:14
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)
Participants: Dave Williams, Pascal Williams, Laurent Mingo, Gwenn Flowers, Steve Grant, Susan Holenburg, Betsy Waddington, Robin Tivy
Difficulty: 3: Normally straightforward, with some possible kicking of steps. Steep forest trail with challenging skiing on polished run.
A very cold and icy ascent with a complicated access and challenging elevation gain.
I wrote this report primarily to provide a quick update on the access route and the snow conditions. There are numerous other reports that detail the access route.

We parked at the Alexander Falls parking lot so we wouldn't have to deal with the 4:30 deadline for locking the gate.

If you want to see the route we took, just click GMap to look at the OSM (Open Cycle Map) view. It shows most of the trails. If you want to follow the route while in the field, most practical is to download the gpx file from this trip onto your smartphone. Smart phone apps like Backcountry navigator allow you to download the OSM map.

However on this particular trip, we just headed in the right direction. We started by walking north on the road a short distance, then climbed the bank and into the trees. After a short band of trees we were in the open area you can see on the satelite. We crossed that then headed south so that we could pass around the south end of the loop in the paved road after the ticket booth. See waypoints. Finally were were going north again and after a maze of turns, were on a remote road/track going north to the trailhead. There were occasional official signs saying "Hanging Lake". It had taken us about 3/4 of an hour to twist our way through the cross country area. I think the route is similar to South Skirt Route

Finally we made it to the actual trailhead. The trail was very icy having been polished by numerous downhill runs, and then freeze-thaw. It was so hard that the minute you were on any sort of incline, the skis would be up on edge such that the skins were not touching. This made it difficult to climb. In places there were alternate routes thru snow that was not quite so packed. After a couple of hours, I reached the outlet Hanging lake. I...

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