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2017 skating on Tyaughton Lake below Crane Peak
Timestamp Free: 2020.03.30 - 23:47:40
Ranges: Pearson Ridge
  (2 days)
Participants: Cliff Jennings Zoe (our dog)
Difficulty: 1: Good skating ability required
Skating on clear blue ice at Tyaughton Lake
[photo]GodzillaIceChart.jpg[caption]Fun Ice thickness Chart[/photo] We arrived late to our cabin on Tyaughton Lake & I noticed that the surface seemed very calm. I went down to the dock & saw that it was clear ice, so I brought down my portable drill & found the ice thickness was 4 inches. Hadn't brought my skates, so put out a request on Facebook which was answered by my son in Whistler. He came up with his girlfriend & her two boys with their & my skates the next day. We all had a great time.

[photo]Decemberice02.jpg[caption]Morning sunrise over the ice[/photo] Started my skate with Zoe after the guests had left to go back to Whistler.

[photo]SkatingTyaughtonLake01.jpg[caption]Looking at Zoe by Crane Creek[/photo] Best to avoid Crane Creek outflow as ice could be variable.

[photo]SkatingTyaughtonLake02.jpg[caption]Across from Tyax Lodge[/photo] Once I crossed the lake I always stuck close to the shore

[photo]SkatingTyaughtonLake03.jpg[caption]Fallen trees through the ice[/photo]

[photo]SkatingTyaughtonLake04.jpg[caption]Zoe standing over submerged tree[/photo]

[photo]SkatingTyaughtonLake06.jpg[caption]Ladder from a dock that blew down the lake[/photo] Our rowboat had blown away to this same spot in a major windstorm earlier. Borrowed the lodge's aluminum boat to go rescue it. [photo]SkatingTyaughtonLake07.jpg[caption]Dock that had blown down the lake[/photo]

[photo]SkatingTyaughtonLake08.jpg[caption]Zoe by Beaver Dam[/photo] Had to be careful here. [photo]SkatingTyaughtonLake13.jpg[caption]Looking SW from Beaver Dam[/photo]

[photo]SkatingTyaughtonLake14.jpg[caption]Beaver House[/photo]

[photo]SkatingTyaughtonLake15.jpg[caption]Zoe by Beaver House[/photo]

[photo]SkatingTyaughtonLake16.jpg[caption]Beaver House[/photo] From here I...

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