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Metal Dome via Edna Creek - the Micro-terrain Experience
Timestamp Free: 2020.02.24 - 21:47:18
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)
Participants: Robin Tivy, Sarah Brown, Jodi Brown, Steve Grant, Betsy Waddington, Laurent Mingo, Dave Williams, Pascal Williams (15), Susan Hollenberg, Eric Hollenberg (15), Michelle Bonner and her son Seamus (15).
Difficulty: 3: Endless micro terrain, difficult tree skiing
A new route to access the north side of Metal Dome then came out the standard north router. Lots of microterrain, not shorter than standard route.
In my 2017 trip report, Metal Dome amid blasting winds, I had wondered what it would be like to approach the north side of Metal Dome via Edna Mainline and then upper Edna Creek. On the map it looked a bit shorter. So I sketched it out using Draw and Save to create a "waypoint working file" which I could then download onto my phone. On the day before the trip, I phoned Dave Williams and we discussed the possibility of the new approach. Although the 1:50 and even the 1:20K TRIM map did not explicitly show any problems, we were both pretty sure there would be the usual of micro-terrain and bluffs in the area. However I still would like to explore it, but Dave was not in favor since the party would include 3 fifteen year olds, plus some people just out for enjoyment. So I reluctantly agreed that we would stick to the standard route, and wait till some future trip when we had only the hard core of combat hardened troops. However, the next morning at the trailhead, Laurent and I got to talking about the alternate route again. So I went to Dave and told him Laurent was willing to take full responsibility for the new route. This satisfied Dave, so off we went up the trail.

As we started, we could hear the howling and barking of all the sled dogs. After about 10 minutes up the trail we crossed the groomed sled dog trail, and came upon an escaped sled dog. As you may know, these dogs are no longer huskys, but are smaller hounds with short fur and pointed ears.

Soon after crossing the sled route and then passing the snowmobile mainline, we reached the critical junction where we should turn off the standard route. This junction is 0.8km from the parking lot at Jct 03/92, 50.10938,-123.1324. This turn put us onto Edna Main going south. It was well packed with...

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