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A climb of Dunkeld Peak near Meslilloet
Timestamp Free: 2020.02.23 - 12:47:14
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1000m
Difficulty: 2: Some steep sections on the west ridge
A day hike made difficult by much fresh snow
This is Part 1 of an exploration of routes to Meslilloet Mountain. See Many Ways to Meslilloet

The week before Thanksgiving was very rainy, then Sunday morning dawned perfectly clear. I decided to drive up the Mamquam road to see whether I could get a closer view of Meslilloet Mountain. At that time the main road crossed to the westside of the river south of Pinecone Lake area. Where the valley turned east again the road began to switchback up to the west and I parked. I headed diagonally south east across the valley bottom. There in the mature forest I got into some of the worst undergrowth ever. I called it man eating blueberries. The old vines snaked all over the place in loops that snared your feet when brushing through. On the very steep slope on the other side the bush got better, even welcome to pull yourself up the steepest sections. [photo]img063.jpg[caption]Mamquam from NW end of plateau[/photo]

[photo]img064.jpg[caption]Garibaldi across small lake on north edge of plateau[/photo]

The snow started near the edge of the plateau and quickly became deeper. Sidehilling around some small lakes was a bit slippery. I headed for the nearest peak, Dunkeld Peak, unnamed at that time. The steeper the slopes became the deeper the snow seemed to be. [photo]img065.jpg[caption]Looking down to 1st lake on the NW approach, Skypilot and Habrich in background[/photo]

In one chimney like gully on the westridge it came to my chest. It was very tough going and I was exhausted when I reached the top. It had clouded over by then and I seemed to be under the blackest cloud and my mood was accordingly low. There was no elation of having reached the peak, it had not been worth the effort. [photo]img066.jpg[caption]Meslilloet and NE1 at...

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