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Skyline Divide Early Ski - Mount Baker
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.08 - 13:49:25
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Cascade Range / Washington Cascades
  (1 days)
Participants: Robin Tivy, John Baldwin, Betsy Waddington, Allison, George Fulton, Laurent Mingo
Difficulty: 2:
The Skyline Divide is a popular early season ski trip for people from Vancouver. We met at the Chevron station at about 7:00 AM and drove with 3 people each in my Suzuki and John's Subaru to the border crossing, and then followed the route 547 and 542 to finally get to Deadhorse Creek Road. The Deadhorse Creek road had quite a few deep potholes along the Nooksack river, making for slow going. It took about an hour to get from the turnoff to the trailhead. As we climbed, the road first got a bit icy, and then was covered with a firm layer of snow. The snow on the road was about 20 cm deep, with firm, dry tire tracks (good traction).

At the parking lot there were two other cars, both from USA. I started out first up the trail at a good clip, carrying my skis, and with my 700g Arcteryx pack. Soon the others were behind me and some passed me. We leapfrogged past 4 people from the US. The trail had no snow in the trees, and a bit icy. As soon as we got to the open stretches, there was sufficient snow to put on skis, although still some roots and rocks showing. Soon enough we reached The col just south of Skyline peak. Here everybody else decided they would like to ski a run down into the bowl just to the southeast. (48.8657,-121.8450). It was a bit grassy, but few rocks, so good skiing. However I continued south along the ridge and said I would meet them on the peak we could see to the south. So I went on, past the bump on the ridge, and past the subpeak of Winter Peak, and up the final steep slope of Winter peak. Here I caught up with a girl and guy from the other party, who was trying to side step the steep slope. I removed my skis and easily passed her.

The other party were some young fellows from California and San Juan islands. They each had a Rainier beer, and...

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