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Hiking Hollyburn West Ridge Loop
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.09 - 16:49:24
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Britannia Range
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 300m
Participants: Klaus Haring
Difficulty: 2: Some short scrambling sections
A more challenging hike to Hollyburn via West Ridge
When I noticed that the Hollyburn West Ridge Trail was not on bivouac I decided to hike it again and make a track log. I have hiked it many times before, usually as a loop over the peak in either direction from the XC parking area. Sometimes as a direct traverse to Mt Strachan or a bigger loop from the ski area. The lower section also as a longer approach or return from Mt Strachan, like a few weeks ago when I climbed it via the NW gully and made a big loop. Which ever way you take it, it makes a longer more challenging hike than the main trail. [photo]20181116_105224.jpg[caption]Start of trail at Baden Powell[/photo]

This time I started along the Baden Powell trail and after a short km past the 2nd bigger creek crossing came to the junction immediately after coming out of the stream gully. In the past this junction had often been blocked with debris on purpose. Later a big tree fell across it. Now there is a clear path around a pile of branches and past the log the trail is well defined as it heads up into old growth forest with some nice big trees. After a few 100m it joins the Old Mount Strachan Trail and continues to climb to the flat area east of the Collins skirun. There it is a bit overgrown with young evergreen crowding close in. On this day everything was still very wet from the previous days rain. There were some large deep puddles where I had the choice of getting my hiking boots and clothes totally soaked or wade through barefoot. This was of coarse very chilly because the mud was already slightly frozen in open areas. Higher up the ground was more solidly frozen.

Past that a short gully leads to the small saddle below the Hollyburn West Ridge where the trail ascends very steep, then slightly down across a bowl below a big cliff. It then climbs up to...

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