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Quick Battleship Lakes Trip
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.13 - 08:36:38
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Lillooet Ranges
  (2 days)     Elevation Gain: 700m
Participants: George Hill, Cassandra Elphinstone, Tom Curran, Erica Haugland
Difficulty: 3: Some bushwacking and steep scree slopes can make for slow progress. Route finding can be challenging.
From the 8.8km bridge, go about 1.2km up an alder filled road, then up a steep skree slope to reach a sloped old growth forest. At 1650m it flattens to a meadow on approach to the first lake.
Originally we were going to go brush out some of the Lizzie Creek Road but then we changed plans last minute and instead decided to explore the Battleship Lakes area. We were particularly curious about the skiing potential around the area. We started out from Vancouver about 6am and started up the trail about 10ish.

We parked at the junction at 7.9km 1010m, and continued up the bushy road on foot.

[photo]DSCN8218.jpg[caption]The Phacelia Creek Road was a bit brushy.[/photo]

It was about 1.2km up the bushy road from the car to the talus slope. You go past the switchbacks for about 200-300m and then look for a number of strands of pink flagging on both a deciduous tree and a spruce in a small opening on the road below a talus slope. This is slope we should have gone up but didn't because we didn't know it was there - we came back down this slope at the end of our trip.

[photo]DSCN8225.jpg[caption]Inspecting the lichen[/photo]

The talus slope was filled with large lichen growth. Some spieces of which, I had never seen before. This particular slope we went up wasn't the same one we came down (the better one) and was filled with Devil's Club but had more beautiful lichen.

[photo]DSCN8232.jpg[caption]The trail up from the talus slope through the old growth forest.[/photo]

There were lots of trees down and every so often we would come across signs of an old trail route trampled in the ground. Eventually we noticed a rough route was flagged. Not much of a trail had developed and the flagging was sparse which made it slightly difficult to follow. We wondered who had left the flagging. We didn't have answers.

[photo]DSCN8249.jpg[caption]Large talus slopes on the east side of Battleship Lakes.[/photo]

The talus stretched from the start of the lakes all...

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