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Ring Lake Attempt July 2018
Timestamp Free: 2020.03.31 - 01:19:05
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (2 days)     Elevation Gain: 400m
Participants: Klaus Haring, Inge, Wolfgang, Anita, Oliver Strassl
Difficulty: 2: Stopped by difficult upper stream crossing, handline removed.
This was part of a longer report split by editor A popular trail hike with beautiful meadows and a steep trail climb.
This is

Part 1
of a longer report split by editor.

In the past, I had been to the Mount Callaghan and Ring Lake area several times, usually on skis in spring. From one of these past trips I remembered the road to the lodge and the bridge at Callaghan Lake. Lately I found out that there is now a trail to Ring Lake also. I thought it might make a suitable family hike when my niece visited me in July 2018.

We got a late start with a bigger group and traveled more slowly than on previous solo hikes. When we reached the difficult creek crossing on the final steep climb to Ring Lake it was after 2pm and the creek was a foaming white torrent with spring run off. The hand line seemed to be caught under some rocks in the middle. I tried to pull it free and it came loose with little effort, broken. It was well past lunch time, so we turned around and ate lunch in nearby shade. [photo]DSCN0124.JPG[caption]The difficult creek crossing[/photo]

On the way up we had hiked to the lodge, then when the trail fanned out beyond had walked down to the lake and had some bananas for a snack. We found ourselves at a narrow arm of Conflict Lake leading to the outlet and while I ate saw that the water was quite shallow and suggested that we wade through and make a shortcut across the meadows beyond. With taking boots off and on it probably didn't save us any time, but was a fun interlude. . [photo]DSCN0110.JPG[caption]Fording the outlet of Conflict Lake.[/photo]

[photo]20180712_145907.jpg[caption]Walking through the swamp on the return hike.[/photo]

On the way back we stayed on the north shore of Conflict Lake and made an easy shortcut to the trail further east.

During this hike I thought back to my 1979 trip to this area and as we walked the somewhat convoluted...

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