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Hike from Elizabeth Parker Hut to Lake MacArthur
Timestamp Free: 2020.05.29 - 20:10:40
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Park Ranges
  (1 days)
Participants: Maria Saley and 3 friends
Difficulty: 2: Follow trail signs. Icy conditions.
Hiked to Lake MacArthur and back
We started up the MacArthur Pass trail from the Elizabeth Parker hut at about 11:00 AM under beautiful clear skies. We had been waiting for it to warm up since it had gone down to -8 the night before. After a level part through the woods, we started on fairly steep uphill on icy conditions. We were thankful to have our microspikes on our boots and at least one pole each. After climbing for about a kilometer, we came to Schaeffer Lake and the trail leveled out for a short distance along the lake. There are pretty good signs along the way although they don't say distances. Then we started another short steep climb up to a very pretty viewpoint where we stopped and took some pictures. [photo]SchaefferLake.jpg[caption]View of Schaeffer Lake looking back.[/photo] Again, it was very slippery so the microspikes were welcome.

Another feature of this location was that the larch trees were already changing colour and we marveled at how beautiful they were. Then the trail continued through the forest before coming to a junction where you could choose the High Level or the Low Level trail to continue to the lake. We had been advised to go out on the high level and return on the low level which turned out to be good advice because High Level trail had a couple of short rocky scrambles that would be more difficult to go down in the icy conditions. Then we came to an open snow covered meadow where we hiked for about a l km to reach Lake MacArthur and stopped for lunch. Make sure you bring good sunglasses since the snow and sun were very bright. [photo]MacArthurLake.jpg[caption]Lake MacArthur[/photo]

After lunch, we headed back on the Low Level Trail which descends into a valley before climbing again to join back up at the junction with the High Level Trail. It was a bit...

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