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Climbing Cardhu Peak
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.03 - 08:05:16
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Monashee Mountains
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1000m
Participants: Helen Sovdat, Gene, Kevin(guides), Klaus Haring about 8 others.
Difficulty: 4: One difficult rock step, some very steep exposed snow.
A mixed rock and snow climb
I almost didn't go on this climb either. The first day of the camp had been a rushed start and when I got to the crux in the southern valley wall I suddenly felt a bit faint and dizzy. I decided to turn around while I could still return on my own. Later in camp I felt fine again and made a longer exploration of the high meadows north of camp. This day I had gotten permission to go ahead to the harnessing place at my own pace. However when we started up the wall I suddenly felt totally weak again and thought of turning around. Kevin, one of the guides encouraged me, I had done well the day before and should just wait a few minutes. When I tried to start again I managed to get myself into the right gear. At the difficult crux there was a longer wait and rest. I had done it the day before and knew I would be OK. See Hiking the Bombay Traverse [photo]P1090082.JPG[caption]Starting up the wall.[/photo]

[photo]P1090083.JPG[caption]The crux[/photo]

From Magic Lake we headed west around a steep moraine, then up over more gentle ridges to Iceberg Lake. This lake is not yet shown on any map and on the satellite view it seems to be only less than half its present size, proof of how fast the glaciers are receding. The map also shows the big glacier reaching right to the camp, when in fact it is many 100m away. [photo]P1090100.JPG[caption]Iceberg Lake with Cardhu Peak at right.[/photo]

[photo]P1090103.JPG[caption]Crossing the outlet of Iceberg Lake[/photo]

We crossed the wide shallow outlet stream of Iceberg Lake on a stepping stone bridge built by earlier parties, then walked over low angle moraine rubble along the western shore. There were a few small creeks to cross. The first, smallest was very brown. The next glacier was far above. I thought something...

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