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Around Big Dog Mountain and Quartz Ridge
Timestamp Free: 2020.09.25 - 03:32:42
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Chilcotin Ranges
  (6 days)
Participants: Robin Tivy, Betsy Waddington
Difficulty: 3: Some scrambling on peaks with use of hands and minor exposure. Lost trail between Noaxe lake and pass resulting in bushwack.
Drive to 6800 feet on [roadx6415=Sona Mining Road], climb Noaxe and Blue Peaks, then north past Noaxe lake to "Quartz pass". Explore Quartz ridge and beyond, then back over summit of Big Dog.
(Big Dog Circumnavigate) This trip was a 6 day ramble which included climbing 4 peaks and traversing through beautiful meadow and alpine forests. The basic idea of the trip is to explore the area to the west of Big Dog mountain. There are various other trip reports in bivouac around this area, so I wanted to go in and improve the documentation, and track log the trails. The first thing I need to point out is that the official mileposts are km from Lillooet, whereas the Bivouac mileages start at the beginning of the Yalakom road where it turns off Carpenter Lake road. The Yalakom road page gives both mileages.

We left Vancouver on Saturday September 1 about 2:00PM, drove up highway 99, swam at Brohm Lake, had dinner at Nairn Falls, and slept in gravel pit area at North Joffre Bivouac Spot.

Day 1 - Blue Creek to head of Noaxe creek
(Sunday, September 2)
 We completed our drive to Lillooet, then drove northwest on Bridge River Road for 30 km to Moha, which is the turnoff for the Yalakom Road. Headed up the Yalakom road. At about 15 km up the road, we came to the First Nations blockade which has been there the last 3 years. Of course we stopped at the blockade and rolled down the window to talk to a first nations woman who was friendly enough. She looked us over and the vehicle, then said we might have trouble with a landslide across the road somewhat past the Blue creek mine road. The scenerio is that a woman from the first nation has "reoccupied" the land, and is preventing any forestry or mining operation. They have a makeshift cabin and garden on the pullout, and a few stones dividing the road. See Blue Creek Mine Camp

After the blockade, we continued up the Yalakom road. After 34.2 km from the start of the Yalakom road (signpost...

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