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White Peak, Olds and Oleg from Spetch Creek
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.09 - 16:12:41
Ranges: Place Glacier Group
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1720m
Participants: Vlad M and Simon C
Difficulty: 3: Some route finding, plenty of bush at times (including devil's club), pleasant scrambling in the alpine. Note that elevation gain is cumulative.
A near loop hike that follows Spetch Creek to the lowest of the White Lakes then up the SW ridge of White Peak and over to Olds and Oleg then down the valley south of them.
With Spetch Creek Road recently pushed further up the valley I wanted to see how the access was to the White Lakes. Satellite mapping showed a lot of slide alder and topo maps showed a headwall near the outlet of the lowest lake. I figured a route might work by following the boulders/rubble adjacent to the creek and a forested section left of the headwall didn't look too bad. Plus I got a good view of the area from the north ridge of Lil'wat Mountain a couple of months ago.

Vlad and I drove up Sunday morning, taking the road to it's end. There were a couple of industrial vehicles parked at the start of the road and a skidder parked on an upper section but no-one was working this day. From the end of the logging road we had an easy time through the cutblock as it was relatively flat due to the skidder being used to haul the logs out. Once we got into the forest the travel became a little convoluted at times due to blowdown with the added bonus of swaths of devil's club and other assorted plant life.

I'd cached a satellite view of the area on my phone which was handy to see our positioning relative to slide alder and other potential obstacles. Without too much difficulty (and minimum elevation gain) we got to the point where the forest ran out and the slide alder took over. We moved closer to Spetch Creek which had a decent flow and carefully boulder hopped (any wet rocks were quite slick) over to the right side.

[photo]Forest.jpg[caption]Vlad emerging from the forest near where we will cross the creek.[/photo]

[photo]Creek.jpg[caption]Looking up Spetch Creek after the first crossing.[/photo]

The creek boulder/rubble was wide enough that we could easily ascend (with a few pinch points) without getting close to the wet/slick rocks and we started to gain some...

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