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Mission Peak in a Day
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.08 - 23:37:06
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Mission Ridge
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1400m
Participants: Kalifi Ferretti-Gallon; Fred Touche
Difficulty: 3: Short sections of Class 3 scrambling
Hike along western portion of Mission Ridge to Mission Peak.

If you hike along the Seton Ridge trail on the south side of Seton Lake and the visibility is half decent, you'll notice a distinct pyramid on the ridge on the opposite side of the lake. The next thing going through your mind will be "what's the name of this peak", followed by "I want to go there".

Sure enough, two weeks later I find myself beating the hell out of my low clearance 2-wheel drive vehicle to get as high as possible up the steep power line road that climbs over the west flank of Mission Ridge. After three determined but futile attempts, my vehicle simply refused to go up the last hill. Instead we set up camp in bush [photo]P7229934.JPG[caption]beside the road[/photo].

Except for an imperceptibly low buzz from the power line and a few raindrops, the night was dead quiet.

Gaining the Ridge
Early the next morning we set off to Mission Peak, first by hiking up the road that frustrated our advance the previous day. Low lying [photo]P7229941.JPG[caption]fog banks[/photo] came into view as we approached the triple junction that marks the start of the Mission Ridge trail. The trail starts off as an inconceivably steep road but soon morphs into a proper trail. It didn't take long to reach Geodetic Peak, the westernmost alpine summit of Mission Ridge. Remnants of several [photo]P7229952.JPG[caption]flattened geodetic domes[/photo] litter the summit area, which at some point in history contained wireless communication equipment.

But something far more sinister than collapsed structures is happening on this mountain. The whole summit area is littered with [photo]P7229955.JPG[caption]shear fractures[/photo]. Sometime in the future the summit will be gone, tumbling down the steep north slope, then...

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