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Allenby, True Allenby and Failure on Bersheeba
Timestamp Free: 2020.02.26 - 05:56:12
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Park Ranges / Sundance Range
  (2 days)     Elevation Gain: 2000m
Participants: Solo Trip - Peter Nelson
Difficulty: 3: Difficult scrambling on True Allenby (Palestine) and easy scrambling on Allenby.
For those who love "Rockies Obscure"
After reading Rick's description of Allenby where he denotes the "True Allenby" as being east and north of Allenby and the highest point of the Sundance Range, I started to wonder if he did Bersheeba??? Now back in the comfort of an armchair and re-looking at Rick's old pictures I can confirm he summited the un-named peak (True Allenby) (Palestine) at 50.940811, -115.514890 just east of Allenby.

I biked the first ~6.7km along the Bryant Creek trail where there are signs denoting that you can no longer bike. Continuing up the Bryant Creek trail dodging horse poop and listening to the hum of helicopters going into Assiniboine. You'll come to a large scree slope coming off Mount Mercer almost all the way down to the Byrant Creek trail. Crash through a small amount of bush before you hit the open scree slope. The scree is undulating and stable making it not bad to gain elevation on while affording you views of the valley. Rounding the shoulder of Mount Mercer from the scree slope you'll drop slightly getting into the Allenby-Mercer cirque. There is ample flat areas to set up camp, but mosquitoes are quite bad!

From my bivi spot I headed up the southeast trending branch of Mercer Creek and you'll spot a low point/col where you can gain the ridge. There is some broken slab that is easily negotiated then you'll break onto a scree slope where you can intersect a goat trail that will take you to the col (orange and black shale in colour). Follow the ridge back north and there are some steps of moderate-difficult scrambling to get you on top of "True Allenby". From here I had it in my head that Rick went all the way to Bersheeba. I continued along the ridge, but it was tedious and slow. Just over a km from the summit of Bersheeba and getting later in the day I ran into a...

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