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McNair Cabin via Lynx and Dakota Ridge
Timestamp Free: 2019.09.23 - 03:02:29
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (2 days)
Since there were just two of us to do the Dakota Ridge to Tetrahedron traverse, Paul Kubik and I decided to eliminate the car shuttle by doing an out-and-back trip. A car shuttle would also mean bringing two cars across from Vancouver. The out-and-back trip sounded more interesting than exiting via Edwards Lake cabin.

Being uninformed about these things we first tried to get to Dakota Ridge via Largo Road. Not very far up it was impassable snow. So we found the correct road, which was bare and frozen dry all the way to the Dakota Ridge XC area.

We put skins on the skis and used the Ridge Walker trail, and then followed some sort of tracked vehicle tracks almost all the way to the Luke Lake lookout notch. We skittered down the icy snow to Luke Lake, where we got some easily accessible water. This winter's snowpackt was quite deep but there were 3-4 m deep sinkholes everywhere.

From Luke Lake we shortcut up the obvious slope between the logging roads. At the top of it, instead of turning right to go up the east side of what Robin Tivy has named Lynx Peak, we instead turned left, stayed on the logging roads to the sw side of the peak, and then followed an obvious stream to the most southerly lake on the peak. This took us to and along the rolling country on the east side of the peak to the col between the two summits.

[photo]20180315_140833.jpg[caption]Paul skiing on Lynx Peak, Mt. Steele in the distance. The northbound route goes out the far end of the excellent bench ahead.[/photo] From here there is a beautiful open bench to the north. Despite having done this two years ago, it still took me a while to find the way down to the nubbin. The key is to go down a little gulley at the very far end of the bench. The way down to the nubbin is then obvious. It looks...

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