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Taking the Ridge to Hops Peak
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.09 - 18:05:17
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 610m
Participants: Martin, Asia, Andre, Luna the dog
Difficulty: 2: Minor bushwhacking, some routefinding
Hiking trip from higher up on the R200 than the usual Brew trailhead
I had noticed from some photos I had taken across the valley during our Conroy Creek ski a couple of months ago that the logging road where the current Brew trailhead is located goes quite a bit higher than where the trailhead is. So on Saturday, with good weather in the forecast, Asia, my brother Andre, myself and Luna the dog went to explore this area.

As we were driving up the Roe Creek road and turning right onto R200, there was a group unloading their stuff from a pickup truck, getting ready for their hike. I assume they were planning on heading up Cypress Peak, since the road is still blocked in that direction and this would be the closest place to park. We passed the Brew trailhead at 1100m elevation, where there was a Subaru parked. We were able to drive to 1300m, close to the top of the road, where we ran into snow, and parked the car. Nice views of the Roe Creek valley from here. We initially followed the snowy road in an easterly direction thinking it would switch back uphill again to the north because we could still see logging quite a ways above our parking spot. The road did not switchback, it just ended, so we just went north through the clearcut and into the forest. It was a bit steep to start, not much bush, and soon it leveled out a bit and there was continuous snow. Soon the trees opened up and we could see where we were headed. About 1.2km away was a 1660m bump which we were aiming for. The snow was hard and the travelling was easy. The views to the southwest were postcard worthy! [photo]hops1.jpg[caption]Looking ahead to bump 1660[/photo] [photo]hops2.jpg[caption]Looking back towards Mt. Garibaldi[/photo] Just before the bump it got a bit steep, we had to kick steps and use our hands a couple of times and find our way through some trees, but...

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