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Thunder on Mount Bachelor
Timestamp Free: 2019.08.24 - 14:49:51
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Cascade Range / Oregon Cascades
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 800m
Participants: Klaus Haring, Zoran Vasik
Difficulty: 2: Some very steep exposed skiing near summit
Half day lift ski tour
After ski touring up Tumalo Mountain the previous day we returned to Mount Bachelor ski area earlier the next morning. It was another clear day, but unfortunately the forecast was for increasing clouds and thunderstorms but the ski area predicted that it likely wouldn't deteriorate until after 1.30, their closing time. So we bought tickets. The first run was great, smooth groomed silky corn snow. The second further west a bit harder, still icy in shady places. We had a third run on the Pine Marten express, then traversed over to the summit chair. There were already big cumulus clouds forming all around. Riding up near the summit we saw a ski tourer with a dog traversing the final slopes. We figured he must have come all the way from the valley as he couldn't have ridden the chair with the dog. [photo]P1080930.JPG[caption]The Sisters and Broken Top from below the summit[/photo]

[photo]P1080929.JPG[caption]Looking towards the summit from top of the lift[/photo]

We had one run down along the lift line, then after the second ride up headed for the peak. Its a short 15 minutes walk. There were some rocky stretches, so we carried our skis. The summit plateau consists of several small cones with shallow snow filled craters. The rim of the highest is so level it is difficult to tell where the highest rocks are. [photo]P1080934.JPG[caption]Looking south across one of the craters[/photo]

There is no marked summit. We rested a short time on some comfortable rocks, then looked for a way down. The ski area map showed all runs from the summit as double diamonds. At first it didn't look that steep, then I noticed that the slope above the cinder cone dropped out of sight further down. The easier north ridge seemed to have a cornice towards the bowl. We skied it part way,...

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