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Road Trip to Nevada 2017
Timestamp Free: 2019.10.20 - 05:52:39
Ranges: North America Ranges / Great Basin Ranges / Aldrich Mountains
  (15 days)
Participants: Klaus Haring
Skitouring and hiking along a loop drive through southern BC, Idaho, Nevada and Oregon with links to previous trip reports.
After reading Robins detailed report of Vancouver to California Road/Hiking Trip I remembered the many similar trips I had done and thought I should record them too. Some of the earlier ones are a bit confused in my memory, however with help of my little calender diaries I would be able to reconstruct them. So here is my latest one with reference to earlier trip reports.

Day 1
Since I had not gotten around to doing my usual visits to various interior ski areas I decided to start by driving east on Hwy3 and visiting as many as possible for short ski tours. I started at Manning and from Strawberry Flats skied to the flat valley bottom below the ski area. I first planned to ski towards Red Mtn., but found the valley very swampy and got stopped by open water at every turn. So I eventually just skied to the top of the lift. There a cold west wind was blowing and the only reasonably sheltered spot was on top of the unloading platform beside the little hut for the lift attendant. There my trip almost ended. Even in the sun it was cold enough that I had to put on my jacket with the hood over my ball cap. This limited my vision. When I started to ski down and tried to duck beneath one of the chairs something suddenly hit me in the face and sent me flying on my back. I first thought my nose must be broken and I would have a mouth full of broken teeth. My nose was bleeding profusely, but luckily my biters were undamaged, only my lip split. I climbed back up to my shelter for 10-20 min. until the bleeding had stopped and the worst pain worn off. Then skiing down I wondered whether I should just drive back home to lick my wounds. [photo]20170518_123216.jpg[caption]Castle Peak in center. I skied into the steel bar behind one of these chairs.[/photo]

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