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Mount Herman (Near Mount Baker WA)
Timestamp Free: 2020.01.24 - 16:29:04
Ranges: Slate Mountain
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 700m
Participants: Steve Pollak, Jonathan Polak
Difficulty: 2:
Drive to Baker Ski area. Park at Heather Meadows parking area. Skin through Bagley Lake, and start ascending once you see more mellow terrain.
Steve Pollak and myself left coquitlam around 6:30am. Crossed the border at Sumas. The road from there to Baker ski area is pretty straight forward. We were concerned that the viz was going to be terrible and potentially raining. Luckily the rain turned to snow on our drive up to Baker -- but the viz stayed terrible. We picked up a hitchhiker, Tom Wills, who works as Ski Patrol in Aspen CO.

We parked at the Heather Meadows area -- and after realizing I forgot my poles and taking a quick trip back to the main ski area lodge to rent some poles we were on our way.

The initial skinning is flat, over frozen Bagley lake. The snow is actually sitting on top of the lake, about 20m of it! So any open holes in the lake are going to be a huge fall. We saw a few, they kind of remind me of the side of crevasses.

Wet heavy snow. Temps were slightly above zero at the base, and around 0 at 1550m. Visibility was terrible throughout -- so there are no pictures of this trip. On the way up, I had put my skins on my skis -- thinking we'd drive my car which fits the skis in the trunk. We ended up taking Steve's car, which has a roof rack. Leaving the skins on the skis was a terrible idea. They got soaked in the rain, which then froze into little crystals in-between the bristles. This caused snow to stick to them like glue. I was carrying an additional 10 lbs on each foot, and lost significant traction on high incline slopes.

The way down was quite pleasant, the high incline (around 42 deg) made the heavy snow quite pleasurable. Steve triggered a small avalanche (4" crown) which was just poorly bonded storm snow.

We made our way back to Steve's awesome truck and back to the main lodge to return my rental poles. There we ran into Thomas Wills again and gave him a ride back...

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