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Hollyburn mountain and skiing off the north side
Timestamp Free: 2020.01.25 - 22:40:24
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Britannia Range
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 400m
Participants: Steve Pollak, Jonathan Polak Skinning up out of the steep gully was quite challenging.
Park on south side of parking 3B. Summit Hollyburn. Ski down the north side until reaching Tony Baker gully. Skin back out.
Steve Pollak and Jonathan Polak (no relation!) set out on Mar 7 to skin up Hollyburn and do a little exploring. We were stopped on Cypress Bowl road by a closure that was put in place by the ski resort citing "safety" concerns. We couldn't ascend to the overnight parking area (3B) until 7am -- thereby delaying our entire plan. We were let through at 7am and parked in the south most lot 3B (like Tivy's 2017 trip) and made our way to Hollyburn peak. We stuck quite a bit to the right, which made for some less traveled terrain, but, I got stuck on one side of an unmarked gully that separated Steve and I. We were far enough apart that we couldn't hear each other for quite a while. We brought radios with us, but we hadn't agreed on which channel (or repeater) to use. Something to learn for next time. We eventually met up again and got to the summit. Here are the summit photos. [photo]joni_Hollyburn.jpg[caption]Joni on his skiboards[/photo]

[photo]IMG_20180307_094424.jpg[caption]Steve drinking from his camelpack[/photo]

We went down to the north as Tivy described in his trip, but continued further. We passed a great little bowl at about 1150m with great snow. [photo]IMG_20180307_101151.jpg[caption]Steve in the bowl[/photo]

We continued down to about 1000m. That was ill advised as it was Tony Baker gully - a steep terrain trap named after a 16 year old who went out of bounds from the nearby ski resort and died there in the 80s.

We were already skinning up when we heard big rumbling cracks coming from the Gully. The cliff on the opposite bank of the gully (Mt. Strachan) was being baked by sun releasing small avalanches. We didn't see an avalanche, but the Steve checked his thermometer and it read 0. Up from -5 in the parking lot. I kept thinking that there...

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