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Exploring Powder Mountain from the West Part 1 Reconnaissance
Timestamp Free: 2019.06.16 - 14:09:35
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (3 days)     Elevation Gain: 1800m
Participants: Klaus Haring
Difficulty: 2: Some tree skiing
Two ski trips to Powder Mountain from the West
Long ago on a sunny February day with a good forecast for the weekend I took an early lunch break and Friday afternoon drove up the Squamish Valley. I found the road plowed and a few km north of the Elaho junction caught up with a bulldozer clearing the road. It would have been difficult getting around it in dense bush and rough terrain and on the way back I might have had to walk several km on a bare road, so I turned around and parked at a spur road I had noticed a little way back. After I started skiing up it I soon came to a long flat stretch. I dont like walking on the level when skitouring, you have to walk back too. So headed up the clearcut into the mature forest and after a while came to an upper cut block. I made camp near 1200m elevation. [photo]img663.jpg[caption]Above camp in the morning, looking north to Little Ring and Ring Mtn.[/photo]

I was surprised when I found such a large clearing so high up. The next morning it led me almost to the subalpine. There I rounded a low shoulder, then crossed a large flat meadow and dropped a bit below a spectacular lava cliff. [photo]img666.jpg[caption]Basalt columns[/photo]

After traversing below the glacier that drains the icecap to the west I climbed the broad ridge to the SW dome of Powder Mountain. That was far enough for a short February day. [photo]img668.jpg[caption]Mt Cayley from the SW Dome[/photo] [photo]img670.jpg[caption]Pyroclastic Peak[/photo]

I then returned the way I had come, except that after putting on skins for the uphill around the lava cliff I crossed the shoulder higher up for a more direct run down. I spent another night in my camp, but Sunday morning it was cloudy with light snow and flat light, so I did no more exploring. [photo]img672.jpg[caption]Clouding over...

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