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Clinker West Peak via Conroy Creek
Timestamp Free: 2018.11.13 - 08:57:01
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges
  (2 days)
Participants: Steve Grant, Betsy Waddington, Darlene Anderson, Robin Tivy
Difficulty: 3: Smooth road surface for ski to km8, then difficult skiing on frozen snow climbing up Conroy Creek. Several steep little climbs to get out of deep ravine lakes.
The rebuilt Conroy Creek road gives good access to the seldom visited Clinker Ridge area of Garibaldi Park. Lava flow terrain. Spectacular views of surrounding mountains from Clinker Peak.
(Subpeak 15 is the peak 0.6 km West of Clinker at 49.9147,-123.052, with spot height 1854m on TRIM map).

As the weekend approached, the snow conditions were reported to be really terrible everywhere. There had been a rain right to the top of most peaks, and then an arctic air mass had moved in, freezing everything solid. However, we wanted to get out, and it seemed that Conroy creek might be interesting. The last time I was up there was in May 2013 and the alder had been horrible. See Circumnavigate Table Mountain on Skis. But I was advertising that the alder might still be buried in February. There was a bulletin in Bivouac for the previous January saying it was clear sailing. So would we have enough snow?

So we left Vancouver. At the usual stop at the Petro Canada in Squamish, I was surprised at the cold biting wind. After cookies and fuel, we continued up Highway 99 to the Conroy Creek FSR turnoff, and in less than 1 km, we were at the Chek Canyon Rec Site. There was no snow anywhere. And surprisingly enough, you could continue driving past the rec site. The first hill was pretty rough but above, the road had been freshly graded. We were able to drive to km 2 where the road was blocked by a temporary pile of small logs. [photo]LogsBlockingRoad.jpg[caption]Logs blocking road at km 2. Shortly after we hit continuous snow.[/photo]

So we parked where the logs blocked the road. It was really cold (perhaps 5 or 10 below) with a biting wind. To get out of the wind, I put my boots on in the sheltered area behind the car.

Once we started walking, the first thing we went through was a number of logging machines. The road was really smooth, and I observed fresh culverts and fresh saw cuts. After a short walk thru the logging, the road goes into the...

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