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Toba Inlet Daniels Divide Traverse
Timestamp Free: 2018.07.22 - 23:33:30
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Powell Divide
  (11 days)
Participants: Dave Williams, Tanya Behrisch
Difficulty: 5: Mostly ridge walking. Some class 4 going north to Julian Peak. The real difficulties were getting up and over what is now called Slabface peak. South ridge was not possible. We came down the east ridge instead, and that still required one rappel.
From sea level, climb up Chusan Creek to Daniels-Toba divide, follow ridge east
Article was written by Tanya Behrisch. Waypoints by R Tivy in conjunction with D Williams.

Day 1 - Fly into Toba Inlet
August 26. Toba Inlet early Saturday morning. The pilot treated us to dramatic views of Mount Challenger and Mount Denman which dominated the skyline for the duration of the trip. During the flight, David pointed out two traverses he had done in the past, in the Tahumming and the Klendening areas. I saw Dave and the pilot chuckle as I flattened my nose against the window to see below.

Toba Inlet is a milky-grey tongue. We landed on the wrong side, but we taxied over to the east side to begin our two-week hike. Before reaching the tree line, we had a day-and-a-half to gain approximately 5000 feet. We bid our pilot farewell and grunted off into alder to find the logging road we would follow for the rest of the day.

Travel on the road went quickly, but my back was killing me. I had never carried such a heavy load before, this being the longest hiking trip I had ever been on. Chusan Creek rushed below to my left, draining from a glacial lake that we would overlook the next day. By late afternoon, we reached the end of the road and hiked 1600 feet through logging slash, stopping only ten minutes into the woods to camp on the soft, rotting earth of the cedar forest.

Day 2 - AUGUST 27 - My Birthday!
Before breakfast, we lay gazing up at the canopy through which the morning sun shone. We climbed through the steep woods for two hours, stopping to munch on plump blueberries and swat bugs. Eventually, the ground leveled off as we reached the ridge. I watched beetles dart beneath my mouth as I sipped rain water out of depressions in the moss. The ridge lead us to our first 4843 foot peak, from which I insisted on taking bearings of...

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