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Daniels-Powell Divide traverse
Timestamp Free: 2018.07.22 - 06:59:55
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Powell Divide
  (7 days)
Participants: Alena Dzujkova, Peter Margetak, Magnus Byne, Peter Gumplinger, Silke Gumplinger
Difficulty: 3: Mostly class 2-3 scrambling on perfect rock with a good grip. Some short class 4 moves, little exposure. Bad bushwack at each end of the trip (ascending from Toba Inlet or descending towards Powell Lake). Equipment: We had crampons and ice axes, which we didn't use much. Do bring a 30m rope as it will expand your range of possibilities.
A summer, N to S traverse of a high alpine ridge between Daniels and Powell River Valleys, finishing at the N end of Powell Lake.
In the late summer of 2017 a dream to visit the fabled granitic land near the head of Toba Inlet finally materialized for me, my husband Peter and three other friends. The choice was a carefully curated one - we were looking for a rarely visited place of great beauty and with as much smooth granite as you can cram into one area. A walkable ridge to make it an attractive, logistically interesting A-to-B high alpine traverse was just a super bonus. We were headed to discover Daniels-Powell Divide.

The logistics of the venture were quite daunting. We were initially planning for a water taxi to the head of Toba Inlet and going up from there but the more we learned about the bush in that area the more eager we were to do a floatplane to Daniels Lake instead. After much phoning around we were finally successful chartering a ride with Vancity Seaplanes.

Day 1 - Daniels Lake up into the alpine
After a flawless landing on Daniels Lake we unload gear and see the plane take off again. We're off into the unknown. We head up the valley at the NE end of Daniels Lake and hike up about 700m vertical to reach a col on the continuous ridge stretching roughly in N->S direction from Toba Inlet towards Powell Lake. It looks all walkable.

The plan is to set up camp on or close to the ridge from which we can explore surrounding peaks for the next few days. There are MANY places to camp on the ridge and we are actually having a tough time choosing the perfect spot (the tyranny of choice). Eventually an envoy of three scouts comes back with reports of unbelievable expanses of pink granite and a personal tarn for each member of the party. We move slightly up and N from the col and make camp at a place I will refer to as Tarn Heaven. We spend the evening setting up camp and...

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