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2013 Tea House hike up Sunshine Mountain
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.03 - 03:51:39
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Cadwallader Range
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 660m
Participants: Glen (Scott) MacDonald, Cliff Jennings Bridge River residents + visitors
Difficulty: 1: Easy trail to follow to timberline, then a bit of routefinding required.
This trip was part of the Bridge River Valley BC day weekend. It was organized to promote the rejuvenation of the old ski hut that was used during the heydays of the mining. It was led by Glen (Scott) MacDonald who was part of the Bralorne Group trying to promote skiing there again. After following the lead vehicle & parking by the Teahouse, we headed ap at about 13:00 hours. [photo]TeaHouseHike05.jpg[caption]Tea House Hike 05[/photo] The above photo shows the dogs crossing a gully that is a route used for skiing back down in the winter.

[photo]TeaHouseHike06.jpg[caption]Tea House Hike 06[/photo] The trail breaks out into the sub alpine at 2000 meters but is still a defined path.

[photo]TeaHouseHike08.jpg[caption]Tea House Hike 08[/photo] Finding our own way up to the alpine.

[photo]TeaHouseHike10.jpg[caption]Tea House Hike 10[/photo] Once in the alpine the easiest route is to stay on or West of the ridge above this photo.

[photo]TeaHouseHike12.jpg[caption]Tea House Hike 12[/photo] The hikers ahead are at the high point that we reached at about 14:45.

[photo]TeaHouseHike15panmichelle2160.jpg[caption]Tea House Hike 15 pan michelle[/photo] I took this panorama before heading down & only found out later that it was Michelle Nortje from Gun Lake. She had joined the hike late but is in very good shape.

[photo]TeaHouseHike18.jpg[caption]Tea House Hike 18[/photo] We headed back down at about 15:15 as their were other events on in Bralorne.

[photo]TeaHouseHike23pan2160.jpg[caption]Tea House Hike 23 pan[/photo] This panorams was taken while walking down the old ski slope.

More photos are available at: 2013 Tea House Hike...

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