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Demon Ridge and Peak
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.07 - 03:24:10
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges / Dreadnought Group
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1025m
Participants: Martin, Asia, Luna the dog
Difficulty: 3: Trail/Logging road travel, short bushwhack
Hike the trail to Watersprite lake, take a left at the new Demon Ridge sign and hike up old logging roads to reach the ridge, posthole to top.
In Late October 2017 a strong high pressure system lingered around for a week, and it was even courteous, extending itself into the weekend. There had been snow higher up a few days before, with the Whistler webcams showing a solid dump the weekend before, but I was hoping a few days of warm weather would have melted it.

We left Vancouver in the dark and drove most of the Squamish Highway in the dark, typical of Fall and winter adventures. After stopping by McDonalds for some Egg McMuffins (The drive-thru was surprisingly quick!) we hopped on the Mamquam road for the long-ish drive to the trailhead. The Mamquam Road had many potholes which made travel slow. It looks like it hasn't been graded in a while.

The scenery in the Mamquam Valley was amazing, with low lying fog and the occasional brilliant yellow tree. [photo]mamquam.jpg[caption]View of Mamquam Valley while heading up Skookum Dam Road[/photo]

We reached the trailhead around 8:30 and there were already a few cars there. When we got out the car, the wind was blowing and it was very cold so we bundled up. The steady uphill through the forest warmed us up and we took off our layers. We soon reached the old logging road again. Not too long after that we reached the turnoff point for Demon Ridge, where we turned left. There is a new sign here that wasn't here last fall. The travel on this road up Demon Ridge is much easier than the old logging road spur that is now the Watersprite Lake trail. I guess it was not "deactivated". [photo]uproad.jpg[caption]Hiking up the old logging road to Demon Ridge[/photo]

Lower down, alders had been cleared from the road. Higher up they were not a problem. We ran across a cairn, and not being sure of the cutoff point to head into the forest, we examined the area across...

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