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Sockeye Horn from Hurley FSR
Timestamp Free: 2019.01.19 - 10:02:41
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1500m
Participants: Guntis Grikis, Paul Campbell
Difficulty: 3: Off trail hiking, with some unexposed Class 3 scrambling moves
Hike through Beaujolais Valley, around south end of Beaujolais Ridge, and up to summit of the Sockeye Horn (aka. Mystery Peak).
Adapted from Paul's FB trip report:

The day began at 6am - late for such a hike. Early enough to catch the dawn, late enough to ensure that we would be racing the sunset and driving out in the moonlight. I drove to Squamish, delighting in the flood of dawn colours and the shimmering blue sound. The mountain ranges around receded into the horizon in ridged waves of successively paler blues while the skies flushed with orange and pink. In Squamish we switched to the Suzuki and I settled into the passenger's seat. As it turns out, "Kato" has shocks with the give of steel poles. Strong, very strong, but designed to transmit every nub of the Hurley FSR: the Hurley is essentially 30+ km of washboard varied only by larger potholes. Stepping out of Kato, I could feel my body vibrating, but we stepped out into fields of purple flowers.

From here we plunged into the woods, making our way through shrubberies at first and then climbing up the valley out of the forests. I am newly obsessed with learning about edible wild plants so stopped often to examine new possibilities and take pictures. Once out of the woods - about an hour - the alpine offers vistas and flower filled fields. The route in rolls along a ridge approaching Beaujolais Peak and then around the valley below it. Marmots thrive here: the fields were filled with marmot holes and their cries often filled the air. Their holes often lay in wait for the unwary ankle, but we survived this peril. A hawk wheeled overhead, wings motionless as it lay upon the upwelling air. In the distance, glaciers and snow patches glinted when the sun appeared behind the scudding clouds. Beautiful rambling terrain.

Rounding Beaujolais Peak and Ridge, we saw Mystery Peak and her jagged ridge beckoning, rising above a series of...

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