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Silvern Lakes Hike and climb Refuge Peak
Timestamp Free: 2018.08.17 - 08:44:08
Ranges: North America Ranges / BC Interior Mountains / Hazelton Mountains / Bulkley Ranges
  (null days)
Difficulty: 2: Easy hike, some airy scrambling along the ridge to Refuge peak.
A pleasant hike with flowers, and then a spectacular scramble and 10 goats. Upon coming out we discovered our car tires destroyed by Porcupine.
This trip was the fourth of five backcountry trips we did as part of our Smithers road trip. See Smithers Road Trip in the big smoke.

Silvern Lakes is a well known trip around the back side of Hudson Bay mountain. It is supposed to be known for wild flowers.

From Smithers, we drove out on the Hudson Bay road and then the McDonnell lake road. The Hudson Bay road had been freshly sprayed with sodium cloride to keep the dust down. The McDonnell Lake road was still a dusty dry road. The air was still a bit smoky but we figured that Silvern Lakes would be a good trip because smoke wouldn't interfere too much with flower viewing.

We turned off McDonnell Lakes road at 9.5 km from the start onto Glacial Creek Spur. The McDonnell FSR has large yellow km signs every km. Right at the corner was a covered shelter with two picnic tables and two giant signs which is the Wet'suwet'en gathering place. We continued up this road, which was freshly bulldozed, and actually drove past the turnoff to Silvern Lakes. We were surprised to not see any signs pointing to the trailhead. Soon we crossed Glacier creek, and Betsy figured out from the map in the Blix guidebook and her GPS that we should not be on the north side of Glacier creek. I was tempted to keep driving up the new road, but we found out later that doesn't work. So it is a good thing we turned around and drove back south across Glacier creek. This time we found the obscure little road going east to the trailhead. Still no trail signs. A short distance later was a parking area, just before a small creek. Only on the other side of that creek was a Silvern Lakes trailhead sign, almost as if it was hidden.

We parked the car and hopped across the creek from rock to rock. Now we were on an old road thru...

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