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Strawberry Range revisited
Timestamp Free: 2019.04.20 - 04:31:55
Ranges: North America Ranges / Great Basin Ranges / Strawberry Range
  (2 days)     Elevation Gain: 1100m
Participants: Klaus Haring
Difficulty: 2: Some steep off trail hiking and scrambling.
Climb of Rattlesnake Ridge and an attempt on DI27 and unnamed Pk7910
See Exploring Strawberry Mountain and Climbing Indian Creek Butte for earlier trip.

When I heard about the total solar eclipse in Oregon I thought of the Strawberry Range Area which I had visited long ago as a good location for watching it. So I headed south about a week earlier to do some additional hiking and climbing. After getting all the info I wanted and groceries in John Day, I drove to the Joaquin Miller trailhead in the early afternoon and parked in the shade. I spent most of the rest of the day relaxing and reading in the car, except for two short excursions. One to the nearby saddle for views of my intended goals. [photo]P1070246.JPG[caption]The western Strawberry range with DI27 in center[/photo]

The other to find the highest point of Rattlesnake Ridge. The whole area had been devastated by a wildfire a few years ago. The only larger patch of forest left was around the parking area where it gave welcome shade. The hike to Rattlesnake Ridge was mostly through shoulder high fireweed, which was already in seed and left me covered in white fluff. [photo]P1070248.JPG[caption]On Rattlesnake Ridge[/photo]

I slept in my car and in the middle of the night was awake for a while. Before I could go back to sleep headlights came blazing up the road and a pickup truck drove to the end of the parking area. A guy got out and with a headlamp looked at the trailhead sign. Then a few minutes later another car arrived with 2 guys. They talked briefly with the first one, then set up a tent on the parking lot. I of course assumed they were together, but in the morning found out they didn't know each other. One was from Portland, the others from the Seattle area. It was an incredible coincident that they arrived practically together at 3 in the...

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