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Port Renfrew Standard Route
Timestamp Free: 2018.10.18 - 08:08:13
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Insular Mountains / Vancouver Island Ranges
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See Port Renfrew Backroad Bicycle Loop - CP railway Variation or Port Renfrew Bicycle Trip - Some things change, some don't for detailed trip reports. The current report is only for the purposes of helping you follow the route, and without description. It is a stripped down track log which tells you how to follow the bike route from the Schwartz bay ferry to the Mill Bay ferry. It can be used on your computer, on your GPS or smartphone, or as a piece of paper.

1. ON YOUR COMPUTER: On a computer, click the GMap link. You see a purple line on the map which is the route. Switch the background map to "m" (Street Map Google). You can then see the route in a purple line.

2. ON GPS: All GPS units and smartphone GPS programs have the concept of importing track logs from external sources. The track logs are in a .gpx file. You get the .gpx file from your computer by clicking the link titled "Download Gpx file". This puts the gpx file into your "downloads" folder, where you can import it into your smart phone. Now you can follow the route as you ride.

3. ON PAPER: Every turn is a labelled waypoint. The labelled waypoints are listed in order on the report. As you drive along, you can check off the turns as you find them. The distance in km is given for each waypoint, so you know how far ahead the next point is located. For example, the Schwartz bay ferry is Km 0. The next waypoint is labelled "Under the Landsend Overpass 0.7 km. So from the ferry, you ride 0.7 km and you expect the overpass. At 0.8 you turn onto a path which takes you back to the Landsend overpass, and this time you go over it.

At present, this report is only complete for Day 1, to Cowichan...

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