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Climb Hudson Bay Mountain - South Peak
Timestamp Free: 2018.12.14 - 23:45:25
Ranges: North America Ranges / BC Interior Mountains / Hazelton Mountains / Bulkley Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1040m
Participants: Robin Tivy, Betsy Waddington, Tom Tiedje
Difficulty: 3: We did very long involved class 3 climbing.
Reached summit of first peak and climbed down to col with second major peak, but ran out of time.
This trip was the third of five backcountry trips we did as part of our Smithers road trip. See Smithers Road Trip in the big smoke.

We were returning to Smithers home base from an exhausting Caribou Mountain trip and we thought it would be easy enough to climb Hudson Bay mountain. Betsy said she had been almost to the summit in a fog years ago and had made it back down in time to catch a 3:30PM flight back to Vancouver. So we figured it would be straightforward, drive to over 1400m and hike up the broad "Hudson Bay prairie trail" to the summit.

We drove up the long road to the Hudson Bay ski area and parked at the bottom of the chair lift. There is no distinct trailhead, and Betsy said we could just go up any one of many downhill runs. The main road up was a dusty and uneven road, but we went horizontally on a small foot path that said "Crater Lake". The path eventually ended in a beautiful meadow of flowers. We walked up through the flowers and soon enough hit the main trail. The main trail is 2 or 3 parallel foot paths, well beaten into the heather. And very dry. This is called the "Hudson Bay Prairie".

Eventually we reached Crater Lake, which Betsy had not seen on her previous trip in the fog. Here we had lunch. It is a large and deep lake. There were a couple of other parties at the lake. This is the destination of the vast majority of hikers on the trail. We saw no other party above Crater Lake. As we continued above the lake, the trail became single track, and fairly easy to follow. The trail was relatively fine gravel, although the rocks on either side of the trail were basketball sized rocks. We saw no other party on the trail above the lake. [photo]CraterLake.jpg[caption]Betsy resting feet at Crater Lake. Hudson Bay mountain is up on the...

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