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Cronin - Higgins Loop with climb of Cronin
Timestamp Free: 2018.12.14 - 23:09:07
Ranges: North America Ranges / BC Interior Mountains / Skeena Mountains / Babine Range
  (3 days)
Participants: Betsy Waddington, Robin Tivy
Difficulty: 3: Final peak of Mount Cronin is a formidible looking face which in most cases you would think the odds are against you getting up. However, if you push on, there always seems to be a little crack or ledge to get you around any difficult part.
A loop connecting the Cronin creek basin with Higgins Creek. We also climbed Mount Cronin as a side trip.
This trip was the first of five backcountry trips we did as part of our Smithers road trip. See Smithers Road Trip in the big smoke.

The most common destination by far in Babine Provincial Park is the cabin at Silver King Basin which is approached from the west. However, to make our trip a loop, and to have more of a wilderness experience, we chose to approach Mount Cronin from the east, via Cronin Creek.

Driving up from Vancouver, we camped just north of Telkwa at Thyee Lake provincial park. Our tent site had wonderful huckleberries all around. Tyhee Lake itself has a swimming area, but is heavily used by various noisy motor boats. One particularly stupid sport is called "wake boarding". They take a big boat with an oversized engine, fill the ballast tanks with water, lthen let the huge engine roar as it tries to drag the waterlogged boat through the water, making a huge wake on which people surf. Babine Next morning we drove north on Highway 16 and turned east on Babine Lake Road. The first part of the road was paved, then a dusty dirt road (although they were spraying the road). We met a succession of 5 loaded logging trucks coming down the road. When we met these trucks, I'd always pull over and slow way down. Most trucks slow slightly as they pass and stay on their side of the road, but there was one driver who deliberately stepped up his speed to a maximum as he came hurling down the dusty road, and showered us with gravel and stones. I would expect him to know he was doing damage to any vehicle he passed, but I guess he was on a power trip.

The road left the Canyon creek drainage and went over the pass into McKendrick Creek. We passed the signs for the Little Joe Creek Trail, and then several kilometers later reached the point where the...

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