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Birch Mountain North Ridge
Timestamp Free: 2018.10.16 - 16:47:45
Ranges: North America Ranges / BC Interior Mountains / Tagish Highland
  (3 days)     Elevation Gain: 1450m
Participants: Bernd Hofmaier, Katja Wegerer
Difficulty: 3: Not possible without a Machete in the lower section. Crampons and Ice Axe necessary depending on snowpack especially at the summit pyramide.
1. Ascent to the treeline. 2. Birch Mountain Summit 3. Descent to Atlin Lake
-- Day 1 -- Ascent starting from Torres Channel/Atlin Lake along an avalanche passage in thicket to the treeline.

-- Day 2 -- Climb up to the summit of Birch Mountain and back to the base camp.

-- Day3 -- Descent to Atlin Lake along the ascent route

[photo]001BirchMountainRoute.JPG[caption]Route overview[/photo]

[photo]652A8424.jpg[caption]View from Atlin[/photo]

[photo]652A9116.jpg[caption]Torres Channel, Atlin Lake[/photo]

[photo]DSC00566.jpg[caption]Base Camp above Treeline[/photo]

[photo]DSC00603.jpg[caption]Ascent to summit[/photo]

[photo]DSC00608.jpg[caption]Summit pyramide[/photo]

[photo]DSC00615.jpg[caption]Llewellyn Glacier[/photo]

[photo]DSC00619.jpg[caption]Birch Mountain Summit[/photo]

[photo]DSC00624.jpg[caption]Descending the lower section of the summit...

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