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Mount Aosta from Elk Pass
Timestamp Free: 2018.10.21 - 11:12:04
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Park Ranges
  (2 days)     Elevation Gain: 1250m
Participants: Peter Nelson
Difficulty: 3: Moderate/Difficult Scramble
A solo trip to Aosta with hopefully some more details to help willing parties.
Left after work and parked at Elk Pass trailhead. Follow the obvious signage up and into Elk Pass. When you hit Elk Lake Provincial Park take the trail marked for Petain Falls/Basin etc. You'll round Fox Lake and in some time you'll end up at another trail junction where BC Parks has been busy rebuilding trails. I took the decommissioned trail with logs over it down to Upper Elk Lake and waded the river. You can take the maintained trail, but it adds a bit of distance. Make your way around Upper Elk Lake, and up Petain Creek until the Coral Pass junction. Take the Coral Pass trail and after about 300m past that junction, I decided to go up the drainage coming off Aosta. At this time of year you can see it cascading down with waterfalls here and there. Start your heavy BC bushwack up the slope. I tried the north side on the way in and south side of the drainage on the way out. Both are thick with bush and you run into rockbands that force a traverse trying to find a weakness. Eventually, breaking the bush, I made my way to the col/pass between Aosta and the unnamed ridge that runs to the NE from Coral Pass. I set up my bivy here for the night.

From the col/pass sidehill around looking to break the short cliffs above you. You'll run into a drainage or snow slope that could be dry depending on the time of the year. Stay on the north side of the drainage and make your way up the scree slope looking at the cliffs protecting the ridge. I took the scree all the way right to the top of the cone where there is a weakness on the north side of the cliffs. Pick your way through it and gain the ridge connecting to Aosta's summit. Move around fins and bands over some false summits where you get to the final summit notch. Make your way down into the notch and...

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