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Climbing Mount Jefferson in Nevada
Timestamp Free: 2018.08.16 - 19:19:41
Ranges: North America Ranges / Great Basin Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1200m
Participants: Klaus Haring
Difficulty: 2: Steep at edge of plateau, trail difficult to find in places.
A climb of Mount Jefferson from the north
This is part of a bigger journey. See Road Trip to Nevada

Mount Jefferson is the highest peak in central Nevada. With nearly 3600m high I hoped to be able to ski. However when the bulk of the mountain came into view it was very barren. Even if there were snow on the huge summit plateau it would be too far to carry skis up.

[photo]P1060904.JPG[caption]Mount Jefferson from the west.[/photo]

[photo]P1060908.JPG[caption]The north slopes of the Mount Jefferson plateau[/photo]

From the map I chose a road crossing the range north of Mount Jefferson. I also found a spur road that went up a side valley closer and higher to the edge of the plateau than the start of the official Mount Jefferson Trail. I found a flat spot besides my spur to camp. There was not water in this valley, but the map showed springs further up. I planned to take a large plastic bottle along to fill on the way back so that I could camp a 2nd night, something I prefer after a long climb.

[photo]P1060911.JPG[caption]The head of the Moores Cr. valley in the distance from the end of my valley.[/photo]

The next morning I found a faint trail past the end of the road and soon a trickle of water. I then climbed up to the ridge where the trail comes up from further west. Near the top I saw some cows who ran away. I saw more further along who were very shy, some ran away before I saw them, I only heard the crashing in the bushes. The trail was rather inconsistent and past the first snow patches I lost it. For a while I traversed through the quite open aspen forest, but there were a lot of deadfalls. Higher up I avoided the snow as much as possible, but just below the plateau I had to kick steps up a short very steep slope.

[photo]P1060926.JPG[caption]The first view of the three...

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