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An Attempt on McAfee Peak in Nevada
Timestamp Free: 2018.12.12 - 18:33:36
Ranges: North America Ranges / Great Basin Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 700m
Difficulty: 2: Some steep tree skiing
A moderate day ski trip.
This is part of a bigger journey. See Road Trip to Nevada

As I approached the Nevada border snowy hills became visible on the horizon giving me hope that I would be able to do some skitouring. The previous day I had become tired driving south through Idaho and made camp at Bruneau Dunes mid afternoon. This morning I had a crack of down start and hit the road shortly after sunrise. The last 100km through Idaho the hiway was quite straight and level, but when the road began climbing into the Nevada mountains it became very winding and I often had to slow to 50km/h until I reached the flat plateau near Wild Horse Reservoir. There I stopped to stretch and look at the distant Independence Range and try to identify McAfee Peak, the highest summit.

[photo]P1060860.JPG[caption]Independence Range from Wild Horse Reservoir[/photo]

Driving further south I began to wonder if I had missed my turn off when the road began to parallel the Independence Range. From the side it was even more difficult to tell where the highest peak was. Finally a sign "Jack Creek Summit" was my road. It was quite wide, but a bit rough in places with ruts in dried mud. When it began climbing into the hills it became narrower and quite pot holed. There were a few huge puddles across the whole width of the road, but luckily not slippery gravel. Eventually there were the first snow patches by the side of the road, then a big one in the center. I walked around the next bend and saw the road disappear beneath a snow slope not far ahead. A narrow band of snow led up a side valley and I decided to use this as a ski approach.

After skiing little more than 100m I had to carry my skis for a similar distance, then the snow in the valley bottom became more continuous and led to a big...

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