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Traverse of Atwell Peak - Up East Face down Siberian Express with skis
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.07 - 03:43:22
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges
  (2 days)     Elevation Gain: 3700m
Participants: Ryan Allderman and Jennifer Carlisle
Difficulty: 4: Difficult. Steep snow climbing, steep skiing (50+ degrees), steep down climbing if required.
A trip from Diamond Head Parking lot to Atwell, up the East face down Siberian Express and then looping around North of Garibaldi and back to the East of Atwell, then back to the parking lot. 56km.
I decided to write a brief description of our ski/climb because there is very little detailed information out there on this part of Atwell.

I'd previously skied Atwell from the North Ridge and down a variation of the east face, on that trip I noticed that the mythical Siberian Express did not look that hard. In a subsequent trip we tried it from Brohm ridge, traversed across to and up Siberian, but the weather turned bad/ we ran out of time so we turned around.

I thought the most convenient way of doing it would be from Elfin lakes with a camp near Atwell since the traverse from Brohm ridge to the bottom of Siberian is a bit of a pain.

Trying to ski a steep slope from the top and not do the "Climb what you ski thing" does have its critics but we can downclimb so it would be fine if conditions proved to be bad, not to mention that there is less chance of anything coming down from above.

The trip: We had a late start and were at the base of Atwell in about seven hours with overnight packs.
  [photo]01DSC04560.JPG[caption]At the base of Atwell after a 16km approach[/photo]

We chose to camp close to the start of the following day, on the East Ridge.

[photo]02DSC04563.JPG[caption]East Ridge Campsite[/photo]

We got going at 6.30 the next morning, aware that Atwell was going to soften up very quickly.

[photo]03DSC04569.JPG[caption]Morning campsite[/photo]

The East face climb was very easy, the snow was consolidated and the snow was soft enough to kick steps, but crampons were still probably required. [photo]05DSC04581.JPG[caption]Near the start of the East face climb[/photo]

It's clear in the picture above that runnels are deep. They are a little awkward to climb around.

Depending on the snow quantity, the East Face choke can be an...

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