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Bovine Lake and Mount Jutland Circuit
Timestamp Free: 2018.09.23 - 06:32:42
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Border Ranges
  (null days)
Difficulty: 2: Long days of hiking, some route finding.
An interesting excursion, including a climb of seldom visitede Jutland Mountain.
Editors Note: (Robin Tivy 2017.05.19. Every Feburary, my friend Rick Collier would devote a solid month to working on his Bivouac trip reports. But for some reason in 2012, (his final year as it turned out), he forgot the basic trip report/photo structure of Bivouac and instead broke up his trip report and stuffed the pieces into his photo descriptions. And then duplicated the same giant report in dozens of photos and linked them together by telling you to look at other photos. (yes, it was very confusing). Today I took a couple of hours and found the duplicated pieces of this excellent report and consolidated it. I was able to construct the waypoints from his excellent descriptions.

Day 1
Christine G. and I drove down to the parking area at the northeast end of Drywood Canyon, following Andrew Nugara's excellent backroad directions, the morning of August 28 and parked just where the South Drywood Creek road starts to get rough; we probably could have driven further, and lots of folks do, especially those in big trucks with high clearance, but we wanted to make the approach somewhat sporting.

We plodded up the South Drywood Canyon road/trail for at least six kilometres in hot, dusty conditions - it's a steady uphill, although with a fair bit of up and down, and the features in the far distance never seem to get much closer.

We actually lost the trail just past the obvious cattle holding pen: one needs to bear to the left even though most of the various cow paths and ATV trails are rather indistinct. Eventually we just meandered up the main trail to Bovin Lake, a very pretty body of water, which we had both wanted to see anyway.

We then bushwhacked through thin, scrub back south about 0.6 kilometre to the trail, which at this point was...

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