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Mount Coulter (Hope Slide Area)
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.09 - 16:04:30
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Cascade Range / Canadian Cascades
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1290m
Participants: Justin Brown, Simon Chesterton
Difficulty: 3: Steep but mostly open terrain, snow level around 1300m elevation and supportive snow all along the ridge.
A short walk on the undriveable Ferguson Creek Road then a steep (no trail) ascent to reach the open eastern ridge of Coulter
Mount Coulter is opposite the Hope Slide (Johnson Peak) off of Highway 3. We'd heard of people walking a ways up the Ferguson Creek Valley to access it from the south side in years past but with the passage of time and lack of creek bridges (along with spring run-off) that may not be viable now so we looked at a straight up approach from opposite the Hope Slide parking area. Justin took a closer look at the map and figured we might be able to squeeze past the tight contour lines above Ferguson Creek Road to where they eased a little just before the road crosses over the bridgeless creek.

I drive out to Hope, pick up Justin and we head up Highway 3, slightly past the Slide parking area and turned right onto the Sunshine Valley Waste/Recycle access road (also a Highway Maintenance Shed area too). We parked just outside the gate and got ready. I had persuaded Justin to borrow some snowshoes - something he hadn't used in a very long time as he's a skier during the snowy months.

To get to the Ferguson Creek Road you go into the waste/recycle area and turn right. Just beyond a bunch of used appliances is the road - which has a new sign saying Outram Creek Road (this had us scratching our heads a little). Part of the old Highway 3 is also visible here, before the Hope Slide rearranged things. We followed the old logging road for just under 1 km. It used to be driven by ATVs but currently has some blockages from downed trees, landslip and fallen rock.

We pass by some very sheer cliffing (the close topo lines) but things ease just before we drop down slightly towards the creek (which is flowing heavy and fast). There's a landslip area here that we ascend partway before traversing over into the mature 2nd growth forest. Things get real steep in a hurry but...

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