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Skiing to Sisqa Peak
Timestamp Free: 2018.12.12 - 19:15:54
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (2 days)     Elevation Gain: 1600m
Participants: Klaus Haring, Roger Richmond
Difficulty: 2: The summit is too steep for skis.
A fairly easy weekend ski trip.
During my Early Exploration of the Rutherford - Soo Divide I found a road going up the valley towards the Apa Glacier. It promised to give the shortest access to the Pemberton Icecap, so I made a note to explore it soon. A few weeks later I got Roger interested. We had a late start in town and arrived at the spur road at 11am. After 3 weeks of warm spring weather the snow was all gone in the valley and I was able to drive a few 100m up the spur road. The road didnít go much further than where I had found it, but the snow soon became a good base. We had no problem crossing the creek to the northside to bypass a steep step that looked on the map like it might pose a problem on the southside.

[photo]img520.jpg[caption]Camp with east ridge of Sisqa behind, summit hidden beyond.[/photo]

With lunch along the way we reached the open flat valley in the early afternoon and made camp where we still had some open water. Later Roger decided to stay in camp while I went exploring further up the valley. Instead of staying in the long flat bottom I soon went up the lateral moraine to some comfortable flat slabs for a bit of sunbathing. I then enjoyed a few turns skiing back.

[photo]img521.jpg[caption]View of Appa Glacier from moraine[/photo]

It had been a brilliant bluebird day and the forecast for the weekend was perfect too, however Sunday morning we woke to high clouds. The clouds were well above the peaks, so we started up to our objective, Peak 7700, not yet named. We followed the wide open valley to the SW, then traversed up the glacier in a wide loop to the east and then the west to the col south of Sisqa Peak.

[photo]img523.jpg[caption]View east from near col. The range from Mt Curry to Wedge behind. Note Roger in right bottom...

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