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Early Exploration of the Rutherford - Soo Divide
Timestamp Free: 2018.12.12 - 17:35:08
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1400m
Participants: Klaus Haring
Difficulty: 2: Some moderate tree skiing
An interesting day ski tour
After Ipsoot on Skis from South I drove to the end of the plowed road and skied along the valley bottom to make camp along Rutherford Creek with good access to water. In the low lying area it became quite cold over night, but in the morning the sun reached my tent soon and I was away by 7.30.

[photo]img512.jpg[caption]Camp besides Rutherford Creek.[/photo]

[photo]img513.jpg[caption]Looking back to Rhododendron from top of spur road.[/photo]

I zigzagged up a short spur road then skied up into mature forest and reached the lake at 5420' in 2 hours. From there I gained the first peak at 6500' then unnamed Drizzle Peak for the first long rest.

[photo]img514.jpg[caption]Looking south towards Rainbow from Drizzle Peak[/photo]

After a short downhill run I traversed the 6517' summit and continued to the 6600' plateau south of Torrent Peak. There I found some bare rocks for a long sunbathing lunch break. [photo]img517.jpg[caption]Aunt and Sisqua S1 from just below Torrent Peak[/photo]

In the early afternoon I climbed to the summit of Torrent Peak then skied down the glacier to the west. The valley soon turned north, then east. Mostly quite pleasant open skiing. [photo]img518.jpg[caption]Looking back up to Torrent Peak[/photo]

Near the creek from the Appa Glacier I came into denser forest, but soon found a short spur road that then brought me easily to the Rutherford Main. I reached my car by 5pm, a longer but easier trip than...

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