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Breaker Mountain in a day via Capricorn Lake
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.14 - 13:07:08
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Park Ranges / Waputik Mountains
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1800m
Participants: Phil R, Vern D
Difficulty: 3: Remote travel in rough terrain includes routefinding, river crossings and steep scrambling.
A long day trip from hwy 93 includes wading fast rivers, climbing up steep waterfalls and routefinding. There are no trails from start to finish.
When Rick Collier writes things like the following about any area of the Rockies I sit up and pay close attention;

It is a magnificent adventure that can be done only on skis in the winter or early spring - any other time of the year would turn the ascent route into rushing lakes, streams, and waterfalls; it gets one up high and into some fantastic alpine country.

See Rick's report: A Spring Ascent of Three Peaks from Capricorn Lake.

Ever since successfully scouting a route to Capricorn Lake in 2013, Phil Richards has been trying to find a partner to suffer the approach with him and try to find a scramble route up Breaker. Finally, for reasons still unknown to me, I agreed to his nagging and we each booked off work for Friday August 5th to make the attempt during a good weather window - a rare thing in summer 2016. With the preface that I didn't study this route too much in advance, it should come as no surprise to the reader that we decided to do it as a day trip from Calgary. On hindsight we should have slept at the trailhead on Thursday night - especially considering it literally starts at a campground. As it is, we arrived at the Silverhorn Creek Campground at the very late alpine hour of 08:00 and were soon geared up and ready to cross Silverhorn Creek and hit the bush leading to Mistaya Lake.

Right off the bat, I realized our misstep in not leaving earlier in the day. Off-trail trips take much longer and much more effort than trailed ones. Thankfully, one of us remembered his head lamp. The other one remembered his crampons, so I guess we are evenly forgetful. After only around 500m of light bushwhacking we arrived at the eastern shore of the lovely Mistaya Lake, about half way down it's length. There were smatterings of an ancient...

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