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Slalok Mountain Ski 2017
Timestamp Free: 2020.04.06 - 03:51:31
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Lillooet Ranges / Joffre Group
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1400m
Participants: Jon Polak, Bill Maurer, Michelle Hyun, Boris, Chris Heald,
Difficulty: 4: B4, 8 hours of hiking and skinning. One exposed Class 4 section on snow and some rock. Quite Exposed.
Steep 43 degrees ski descent. Park at the Joffre lakes provincial park
This trip is a repeat of Bill Maurer's trip from last year. See xx1.

You start at Joffre Parking lot. Well maintained trail till you get to Upper Joffre Lakes.

[photo]frames001.jpg[caption]Admiring Upper Joffre Lakes[/photo]

Traverse the lake (make sure it's frozen) and then zig zag up the north face . You're going to be skinning on top of Matier glacier but there should be plenty of snow so that you don't need crampons.

[photo]IMG_20170402_112839.jpg[caption]skinning up Matier Glacier - facing north[/photo]

Once you get to the shoulder - traverse east on mostly level ground along a broad ridge. Once you're facing east, Mt. Slalok summit is at your 11 O'clock and Mt Joffre is at your 7 O'clock.

[photo]IMG_20170402_121323.jpg[caption]Traversing east along the shoulder[/photo] [photo]IMG_20170402_121414.jpg[caption]Boris leading the track. Shortly after this he took of his skins and put on crampons -- boot pack over the east ridge and then up[/photo]

Once you get to the east ridge where Matier Glacier ends, you will need to take off your skis and strap them to your pack. From there bootpack (crampons recommended) over the ridge and then continue to climb upwards along the east side of the ridge.

  [photo]IMG_1633.JPG[caption]Once over the ridge, continue to boot-pack UP along the east side of the ridge until you get to the fake summit. From there you can skin again.[/photo]

We took a slightly different route off the peak than the year before, going straight north off the peak, and down the west (left) side of the glacier. On GMap Form, compare track log with the route from previous year by Bill Maurer. The snow conditions were exceptional. Light dry powder. Quite a bit of sluffing and avy debris on the way down - but...

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