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Exploring the Larsen Trail to Grouse Mountain
Timestamp Free: 2018.04.23 - 09:13:23
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Howe Sound Group
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 900m
Difficulty: 2: Rough, steep trail
Two hikes on the Larsen Trail
Last fall when I took the skyride down from Grouse I talked to a young woman who obviously had hiked up too. I asked her which trail she had taken and she mentioned a name that was unfamiliar to me. I thought I knew all the ways up Grouse by now. Her description didn't ring any bells either. Then in January when I hiked the Baden Powell Trail in very icy conditions I came to a trail marker for the Larsen Trail near the western highpoint. I thought that might have been the name the girl mentioned. I made a mental note to explore it when the snow was gone. [photo]20170114_112154.jpg[caption]The sign post[/photo]

Recently on a cloudy day with no rain in the forecast I wanted to hike the Grouse Grind before lunch. However when I parked the car I remembered that I had forgotten my Grouse passes and decided to just hike a loop on the lower slopes. As I started up the Baden Powell which soon became quite steep and rugged, rougher than the Grouse Grind, I remembered the Larsen Trail and thought I could explore that to the Old BCMC Trail and snow conditions permitting follow that to the New BCMC and loop back down that way.

When I came to the junction I at first saw no trail, then spied a red square higher up. The trail was almost none existing on the ground. In most places you just have to walk through the open moderately steep forest to the next markers. This explains why I had never noticed where it crosses the OBCMC which I had hiked often. After a few 100m I came to a flat area to the left which I wondered whether it was the old BCMC cabin site, but I only found a few old logs, no sign of foundations or outlines or remnants of a building except for a scrap of sheet metal. I looked at my GPS and saw that I was little more than half way to the OBCMC. So perhaps it was...

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