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Volcanophobia: Daytrip to Burroughs Mountain
Timestamp Free: 2018.06.18 - 12:39:04
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Cascade Range / Washington Cascades
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 440m
Participants: Lucas Earl, Ethan Barrett
Difficulty: 2: Easy trail walking, cross country to Skyscraper has some unstable footing on talus
Ascended all 3 "summits" of Burroughs, then cut cross-country to ascend Skyscraper Mountain and returned via Berkeley Park and Sourdough Ridge.
Weather: Brilliantly sunny and warm for late September, perfect Indian Summer weather.

With the record warm summer of 2015 coming to a close, I really wanted to get out one more time before the weather turned. I had just moved to Seattle, and with abundant pre-employment freetime, I had my sights set on somewhere up high on a sunny day. Soon there was a stretch of sunny days in the 80s forecasted, and perfect conditions in the mountains.

Of course, being carless made things a bit more difficult, but I convinced my friend to split a rental and get out to Mt. Rainier NP. Overall, a $30/person fee midweek wasn't a huge deal, but the lack of an employee at the rental place at opening time was not great. While we weren't on the road until 9 AM (despite an 7 AM goal) I was happy to be out of the city on what would likely be a hot day.

We had decided to head for Burroughs Mountain, in the Sunrise area on the NE side of the mountain. After a quick stop for snacks at the Enumclaw Safeway (and a possible-fabricated retelling of some bestiality story Ethan gave regarding a resident of Enumclaw) we followed WA 410 along the White River into the park and to the Sunrise Road. The Sunrise Road winds up the White River before climbing up a number of switchbacks to the Sunrise parking area and lodge. Ethan was pleased with the handling of our rental Prius on the steep curves, while I just was glad not to be sitting in the back.

The Sunrise Road has the benefit of great views near the top, and we could see that it would be a cloudless day. In midsummer, the Sunrise area is covered in wildflowers, but in late September things had taken on a nice set of autumnal yellows and oranges. We soon were at the enormous parking lot, which probably has space for more than 100...

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